Pre-Sale Pool Inspections

Protect Your Paradise.

 The Bes Sarasota Pool Leak Detection 

Equipment Inspection

As equipment ages, it can become less efficient and problematic. We will thoroughly inspect the pool equipment to provide feedback on possible issues or faulty equipment.

Structure Examination

Included in every inspection is a comprehensive visual examination of the pool surface. We look for; cosmetic or structural defects, possible points of failure, and any existing leaks.

Plumbing Test

The only test we do not do visually is a plumbing pressure test. For this, we use specialized methods to test the pool plumbing from the equipment back to the pool to ensure there are no leaks underground.

Lakewood Ranch – Pool Repair and Leak Detection 

Q: Doesn’t a home inspector inspect the pool area?

Short answer…yes. Long answer, no one does leak detections/inspections like we do. It is our sole focus and we have spent years perfecting our processes. Unlike inspectors, we pride ourselves on diving every pool. An up-close inspection of the surface is an absolute must for a proper pool inspection (i.e. leaks in the surface can be smaller that the tip of a pencil and impossible to detect from above the water). Home inspectors also, do not pressure test the plumbing to detect any existing leaks. Included in our service is a complete pressure test of the pool plumbing.

Q: Why should I pay for an additional inspection for only the pool?

Pools can be an incredible asset to the home value. They can also be frustrating and problematic. They are an investment and like all investments, they need care and attention. As pools age they begin to show various signs of wear. 

To put our inspection cost into perspective, the cost to build a new pool ranges from $40,000 and upward. A comprehensive pool inspection can protect that investment and anticipate possible problems.

Inspection Report Example

We modeled our report specifically with a home inspection report in mind. It will include all the pertinant information regard our results and helpful pictures of all pool equipment.

Inspection Info Flyer

Want a print-out of our inspection info? We have condensed all the helpful info regarding our service into a 1-page document. Use the link below to view the flyer and print out as many as you need.