Pool Leak Repair

Pool Leak Repair Specialists

There are many components in a pool that can fail and require a construction repair to properly eliminate the leak. When we diagnose and pinpoint such a leak, we will provide a separate quote and breakdown of the required repair. Upon approval our repair technician will perform the necessary repair.

Excellence in Leak Repair

Our repair technicians specialize in every aspect of professional leak repair. This includes finish work. Upon completion of the repair, we will texture the deck to match the existing deck as best as possible. Most times, once paint is applied, only a close look will reveal the scar.

*We do not paint. It is extremely difficult to match paint color of the existing deck.

Pool plumbing runs from the pool to the equipment in a common trench line. Often times when we pinpoint a under-deck or under-dirt leak, the leak is at a weak point in the plumbing. This could be a 90° or 45° elbow, coupling or adapter. We are able to accurately locate the leak to minimize the cut we will have to make to access the leak. Once the leak is accessible, we will cut out the compromised plumbing and perform the repair. Once the repair is complete we test our work to ensure that it is holding and that there is not a secondary leak. Once tested, we will then backfill the hole and close up the deck. We then texture the deck to match as closely as possible (and we are pretty darn good at it).

Skimmers are common leak locations in pools. Due to the design, they are natural weak points. Between the plumbing connections and the plastic skimmer canisters, skimmers can be quite problematic. If we detect a leak in a skimmer that needs a construction repair or replacement. We will cut a minimal access area and cut out the skimmer.  We will then install a new retro-fit, standard size skimmer, plumb in the new skimmer, back fill the area to support the new skimmer and perform finish work to match the existing pool deck as closely as possible.

Sometimes contractors/pool builders install the original skimmers and encase them in concrete. This is a headache for us during repair and is an overall detriment to the pool. As the pool ages and ground settles, the encased concrete skimmer is now a heavy weight and will gradually pull away from the pool wall.

Pool lights are necessary for an enjoyable pool atmoshpere at night. There are pool lights in just about every pool we work on and can be common sources for leaks. Pools are often installed with plastic light niches during original construction to save on costs. These niches often crack and leak, we solve this by replacing the compromised niche with a metal light niche. This eliminates the possibility of a light niche crack in the future and provides an extra level of protection against leaks for our customers.

What is a light niche anyway? A light niche is the canister or container that the light fixture seats into. Think of a 5-gallon bucket behind the light in the pool. Pool lights can be deceiving by the way that they look. Believe it or not, there is water constantly behind your light. Pool lights can get to be quite hot and the water is meant to surround the light and cool it. The light fixture contains the lense that you see and the bulb and has a cord running out the back. The fixture screws onto the niche and the cord runs through the conduit at the back of the niche.

Wall Fittings, what are wall fittings? These are the jets in the pool or spa that you see in the wall. During construction of the pool, a pipe is run through the exterior of the wall to the edge of the interior of the pool. A “wall fitting” is then glued onto that pipe and then the eyeball and beauty ring (the pieces that you see on the inside of your pool) are installed to direct flow.

Leaks are often found in that wall fitting and/or it’s joint. We will cut out your leaking wall fitting using a specialized company method and replace it with a new wall fitting and match the pool surface as closely as possible. Visit our Gallery to see examples of our finish work.

Other Repairs

With pools having so many features and components, there is really nothing we can’t do. We are creative when it comes to pool leak repairs. If your pool needs a creative solution, we are the ones for the job. We specialize in the complicated and will tackle anything pool related. From waterfalls to fountains and complex water features we can solve any pool leak or issue.

Additional service and repair offerings