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Complete Structure Test

Diver performing pool leak detection on PebbleTec pool surface.

We dive every pool to perform an exhaustive inspection of the structure of the pool. As a part of this procedure, we will also look closely for possible points of concern to avoid future leaks.

Plumbing Pressure Test

Pressure gauge holding pressure during plumbing test.

We pressure test every pool. This is a crucial part of our testing because it accounts for the pool plumbing that we cannot visually inspect. We use water & air pressure to test from the pool back to the pump.

Equipment Diagnostic

Pre-leak detection equipment inspection

Our testing would not be complete if we did not carefully inspect the pool equipment for leaks of possible points of failure. We look closely for possible problems before they occur.

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Water loss is the most common sign of a leaking pool, but were you able to recognize other common symptoms? If you are unsure whether there is a leakage in your pool or the decrease in water level is because of evaporation, have it checked by contacting Aqua Leak Detection.

Our pool leak detection and repair specialists have located and repaired thousands of leaks and look forward to helping you with your repair needs as well. We are equipped with the right tools and the most experienced professionals to get the job done for you. Besides, we provide services in North Port and nearby areas.

What are the signs you have a pool leak?

Watching out for these signs can help you get ahead of further damages and expensive costs. Here are the signs you can use to determine if you have a leaky pool:

Standing water

If you see a puddle of water near the pool and it has not rained recently, or no one has gone swimming to create a splash, this is a telltale sign of a pool leak. If you stand by the fool, make sure you feel the grass nearby. If you feel that the grass is mushy or uneven, this is a sign of an underground leak. Either way, these are indicators that there is a possible pool leak.

If you are living in North Port, send us a message as soon as possible.

Fluctuating chemical levels

If you observe that the chemical levels have a sudden drop without explanation, this is an early sign of a pool leak. What happens here is that the leaking water carries chemicals out of your pool, making you need to add more chemicals than usual to make up for that loss. The experts at Aqua Leak Detection can detect whether you have a leak and the location of the leak. Then make the necessary repairs to ensure that no further damage will happen again.

Discolored water

A pool with unbalanced chemical levels set a perfect breeding ground for algae. If algae develop immediately, you notice that the water turns green, which is another sure sign of a leak. Remember that green pools are dangerous, so if you notice that your pool has turned green for a short period, call the experts at Aqua Leak Detection to come for you and assess if it is because of a pool leak.

Cracks in and around the pool

Just like driveways and sidewalks, your pool is also prone to develop cracks over time, which can lead to a wide range of problems. While smaller cracks can be sealed, larger cracks require professional help. The cracks in and around the pool are an indicator of a potential leak. 

High water bills

If there’s a sudden spike in your water bill compared to your usual consumption, it may be a sign of a pool leak. Even the smallest hole can leak hundreds of gallons a week, which can cause an increase in water bills. If you think your pool is not the one leaking, check elsewhere in your home. If the leak goes unnoticed for too long, it can cause structural damages to your pool or your home.

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No per patch fee! We fundamentally do not believe in charging extra for patching structural leaks. If a technician locates a leak in the pool that can be repaired with an epoxy patch, he will apply the patch at no additional cost to you.

Epoxy Patch Exceptions. Due to the nature of how 2-part epoxy adheres to plastic, as per company policy we do not patch cracked light niches or cracked skimmer canisters. This is not a sales tactic, it is solely to protect our customer from a failed repair attempt. The fact of the matter is that an epoxy patch on plastic is not the appropriate permanent repair and will fail in a certain matter of time. We always recommend the complete replacement because that is the proper permanent repair, saving the customer a headache in time and cost.

Pools often have more than one leak. Unfortunately some leaks require a more extensive repair/replacement to permanently repair the leak properly. This could range from an under deck repair to a complete skimmer replacement. Every tech will discuss the repair and it’s process and provide a separate quote for the appropriate repair.

Pools are notorious for having more than one leak. Our goal on every job is to find every leak, every time.

If a leak is missed, all work is guaranteed and we will do everything we can to ensure a pool is leak free. We have a 30-day warranty on our leak detection from date of service and a 1 year warranty on all repairs.

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