Other Services

We are true experts in our field and will tackle any pool related issue. Below is a list of various services we provide.

Line Clearing

If you ever need a good story, ask us about the various items we have dislodged from pool plumbing. We have the proper equipment and experience to diagnose clogs and air in the pool system. Due to the variety of ways pools are designed and built, there are even more possibilities as to why your pool pump may not be priming or you are having flow issues. Give us a call, we are the problem solvers for the job. Below are a couple examples demonstrating that the craziest of scenarios can happen. The first picture is of a set of swimming goggles that made it almost all the way back to the pool pump! The second picture is a section of pipe impacted to the point that it resembles corrugated cardboard.

   This pipe had been impacted with leaves so much so that it resembled cardboard.

Cut & Cap

Due to the nature of plumbing repairs, a lot goes into the actual repair often making them surprisingly expensive. Being that these breaks or leaks occur underground, we can rarely anticipate what the situation is underground. If we encounter plumbing that is encased in rebar or concrete, completely consumed by a root system, or just too close to a foundational component (i.e. deck footer or a stem wall), we may offer alternative solutions as compared to a costly repair.

Our solution: Cut the plumbing to the water feature off at the equipment. This eliminates the feature from the system and prevents water from being circulated through the leaking plumbing. Then we cap the water feature off in the pool to prevent water from reaching the leaking plumbing from the pool side. This type of repair can be done on therapy jets, passive main drains, and nonessential plumbing components (i.e. fountains, and water features). This repair save the homeowner money and allows for the construction repair to be done at a later point.

Bulb & Gasket Replacement

As the pool ages, so do seals and gaskets that keep light fixtures dry. When a seal deteriorates to a point that it allows water in the fixture, often times we find a bulb burnt out and needing replacement. Our standard is to always replace the gasket with the bulb to prevent further issues. We can diagnose issues with your pool light more in depth if needed. This may include issues at the junction box, transformer, conduit. Rest assured we won’t quit until the issue is resolved.

Attach or Install Main Drain Cover

Water is naturally corrosive already, and becomes even more corrosive when pool chemicals are added to the mix. Some pool components are submerged in water their entire life. This means sometimes the plastic products wear down and deteriorate as chemicals eventually eat at them. They become brittle and weak and slowly start to chip and break. This means that main drain covers periodically need to be replaced or reattached. For our standard dive fee we will reattach and secure a loose main drain cover. We also carry a universal cover that can be purchased additionally if your current main drain cover is broken or no longer safe to use.