Pre-Arrival Checklist

What to do prior to your leak detection appointment.

1. Fill pool to halfway up the tile line.

The reason for this is to properly perform a complete leak detection, we need the leaks to be covered by water to be able to confirm that they are leaking. If any portion of the structure is not covered by water, then detecting a possible leak becomes a guessing game.

2. Ensure that water is clean and clear. 

If you wouldn’t swim in it, we won’t either. Aside from health concerns, cloudy or green water affects visibility and ability to observe leaks. Our rule of thumb is that a clear pool is one that you can see the main drain of the pool clearly from the deck.

3. Access to power and water.

We use small compressors to conduct our plumbing pressure test and require access to a functional power outlet. We also periodically need access to a hose and running water.

4. Unlock any gate, pool cage, or access point to the pool.

The beauty of our service is that it is not necessary for you to be home for us to perform the leak detection. We do not need access to the interior of your home, we only require full access to the pool and pool equipment.

5. To ensure the safety of your pets and our technicians, please make sure they are indoors and secure.

We love animals however, we are in and out of the pool area throughout our testing which creates a possibility of pet escaping.

Virginia Graeme Baker (VGB) Pool & Spa Safety Act of 2007

Older pools (2010 and older) will likely need to have new main drain covers installed. This is required for commercial public pool and recommended for residential private pools. Anti-Vortex Main Drain Covers prevent entrapment and provide an extra safety feature to the pool. This is highly recommended for households with children that have access to the pool.

FEES: We would be glad to do this during a leak detection and you would only be charged for the part. However, if we have to make a second trip, the charge would be our standard dive fee ($125) plus the cost of the part.

Thank you for choosing Aqua Leak Detection!

We will be here the rest of the way to resolve your pool leak issue. Questions or concerns? Just give us a call!